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Breastfeeding Support
We are dedicated breastfeeding advocates and will do everything we can to insure that you establish an excellent breastfeeding relationship with your baby.  We have breastfed our own babies for a combined total of over 24 years!  We will help you get connected with a lactation consultant, if that's what's needed as well as our own free support groups.
Good Reasons to Breastfeed Your Baby
1. Breastmilk is your baby's perfect food.  It has all the right nutrients, in just the right amounts
2. Breastmilk is amazing.  It actually changes and meets the needs of your growing baby
3. Breastmilk is always ready.  There is nothing to buy, carry, or heat.
4. Breastmilk has nutrients that increase breain development.
5. Breastmilk is easier to digest.  Breastfed babies have less diarrhea and gastrointestinal problems.
6. Breastmilk does not make permanent fat cells.  Breastfed babies are less likely to be obese as adults.
7. Breastfed babies are sick less.  They also have fewer earaches and allergies.
8. Breasfeeding helps moms get back into shape faster.  It burns 500 extra calories per day.  It helps the uterus shrink back to its prepregnant size.  
9. Breastfeeding mothers have a decreased risk of cervical, uterine, ovarian, and breast cancers, as well as a decreased risk of osteoporosis.
10. Breastfeeding increases the bonding of the mother and the baby.  The skin-to-skin contact and the closeness of breastfeeding result in improved bonding.

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