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Postpartum Doula Services
A postpartum doula is a professional, offering expertise and support to new mamas and families as they welcome their new babies.  A postpartum doula is not a nanny or a baby nurse. We have a combined total of over 20+ years experience in caring for postpartum mamas and newborns, including nine of our own! With a postpartum doula's knowledge and guidance, making the transition into parenthood can be much smoother and satisfying. One postpartum visit is always included in our Standard Birth Doula Packages and Postpartum Doula Phone Support is ALWAYS FREE when you hire us to provide Birth Doula Services. Following you will find a list of the things included in our postpartum doula service.  Packages are custom made, depending on the needs of a particular family.  Fees vary depending on services selected.  Please call for more details.
Care of Postpartum Mother
Breastfeeding Support
Basic Guide to Newborn Care
Recognizing Postpartum Blues or Depression
Cloth Diapering/Diapering Options
Nutrition for Mom
How to Manage Siblings
Guide to Helpful Baby Products
Babywearing Support
Postpartum Yoga
Guide to local Moms Groups
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